Why don’t we start to see the good about our insecurities instead of ignoring them with our virtues? This is a very common mistake, whether we accepted or not; we want to accept ourselves the way we are, but accepting something is not to ignore it, it means to love it.



#BEYOURSELF is a personal project that has as a goal to reach as many people as possible and try to create conscience that our defects are beautiful. The importance of this initiative is the message, it is a call out to people who let themselves being dragged by fashion and for what’s sold as beautiful. We should live the way we want and the way we feel comfortable, and accept that everybody should to the same.


Utopia? Yes, but once upon a time a very dear person of mine told me that if the goal we want to reach is higher, we can go even beyond. If that person is reading this, I hope s/he feels flattered.

Luckily, in these last years, there are a lot of people who worry to make us see that natural is pretty and that we have to love ourselves, but the reason that causes this situation of repulse against ourselves keeps being as strong as before: fake stereotypes, popular media, our environment ideology, bullying… and unfortunately it is something more difficult to change. Because, at the end, the only change we are capable to do is our own change.

Through #BEYOURSELF I intend to make the insecurities be seen as funny and positive, as something good and unique. I want to show that is only one more characteristic of ourselves, and of course without denigrate others. Personally, I think it is wrong to defend curvy women (the trending topic) and leaving the ones that are thin as something antinatural and repulsive. Ok, it is not right to starve yourself and having a bad living to be as thin as a bone, but, is it possible that thin women deserve to be called “fake women”? We are as we are, and I believe there’s a lot that we need to learn before we can learn how to love ourselves the way we are without hurting others… because that’s what bullies do at school to make themselves feel better, they make others feel inferior. I think that’s childish.

It is because of this reason that I made a series of illustrations, to contribute to this cause through what I do best. I hope many of you feel identified with this and you’re free to share the images, do not modify them please, and I’ll appreciate that whoever shares this use the hashtag #BEYOURSELF

Thanks for you reading and sharing!

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