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Western Manga Style

Manga style is fairly well-known, I think I can say there are no people who read this and don’t know about Dragon Ball, Doraemon, or the one that is so popular nowadays, Pokemon…

It’s a style pretty well-known, but I think it’s also undervalued, at least in the Western. Personally, I don’t understand why a person who draws in a realistic or semi-realistic style is “more talented” than someone who draws manga style. Maybe, there are people who actually appreciate this artistic style, but I’m aiming here for a professional environment. I believe that people who draw manga have more hardships trying to get hire or having someone who likes their job, unless the company is looking for someone with that style.

It may be a simple or complex style, and there are artist that are truly talented, and they create works that take your breath away for the amount of details they have.

There’s one particular artist, Shilin, who creates amazing works. Shilin’s style has a very personal touch and it has evolved from the manga.

I totally admire the amount of details Shilin’s works have and the quality; this artist is very careful with the color palette, the composition, the different textures, the perspective, etc…

There are some people that feel less and quit drawing even if they like it just because they draw manga style. I do believe that any kind of style can become totally good and you don’t have to worry about “belonging to a style,” but to draw in the way your feel more comfortable with and with the one you can improve into something more personal, which is what happened to Shilin and many others 🙂


Own Domain

Today’s entry will be much more shorter in regards to the ones from previous weeks, but I’m happy to announce about the change of the site domain’s. We have move PatPaigeDesign to a new server with its own domain:

At the moment there are some improvements that need to be done for the mobile versions and also stuff like the entries’ wideness, but we hope to have even more sooner.:)

Love is never antinatural


Maybe I should stop being so critical in things I cannot fix, but I think anyone who draws, writes, makes music, or practice any kind of arts, understand that all of that is born out of feelings. I express them in the best way for me: drawing, what I like, what I want/support.

Today I share a simple drawing, it was born from my feelings and my fanaticism for two fictional characters. I was not worried about planning a spectacular composition, not even about the image having a complex meaning to understand, I just wanted to draw two people who look at each other with with love, tenderness and complicity. Two girls, they could be two boys as well, or a boy and a girl.

It is a tribute to all that people who love other people, but it is especially dedicated that people that we can call in so many ways, but we summarize it as “homophobic.” It is not dedicated to only those homophobic who can get to kill and support homicide against people with different preferences, but also to those homophobic in disguise. Those who pretend to be nice, respectful, cool, modern and pacifist. Yes, to all of them who start with the contradictory “I respect them” and it is followed by BUT, but I don’t think they should adopt, but I think they should not show their pride in public, but those are not things kids should see, but it is not normal, but kids can be traumatized if they don’t have a father-mother… that kind of people who claims to respect what they actually don’t. Do not deceive yourself, do not try to deceive other. That people are as homophobic as those who expresses their hate clear and loud. That rejection causes as much damage as the one given by the extremist. Those are ways of thinking, and the way you think it can encourage rejection and aggressions.

Homophobia is an involution, homosexuality has always existed.

I could say that many people think like that because of ignorance, but I know people that love to grasp to that ignorance. Many people do not care, knowing that we are animals, that animals are the most natural species, and that there are species that practice the homosexuality. They don’t care that in the history of humanity, the homosexuality was accepted with no problems, in civilization and in past times. They don’t care about people trying to open their eyes so they can see that what the others make them believe since they were little it’s not the absolute truth. Since there are many primitive behaviors, too much extreme fanaticism and too many lies.

Once, I did agree with everything it was imposed to me, to be another sheep, which is the most comfortable.

Today, I prefer to belong to the black sheep and love whatever I want, without taking care about what others think.


Illustrating with no limits

What do you think when someone says “Illustration”?

In an incorrect way, too many people link it immediately with drawing. Illustration is drawing, but it is also photography, collages, colors, materials, sensations, and messages. Of course, knowing how to draw is an advantage at the moment when you illustrate, you handle one of the possible ways to illustrate, but it’s not everything.

Nowadays, we normally can find thousands, and thousands of videos on the net from illustrators called “Speed Painting.” It is the most common since they show the process of a drawing that took hours in a couple of minutes; although you can also find others done in real time. The point is that I have found very few that can show more than drawing and I think that helps to the general confusion.

We are not limited to illustrate, you don’t have to pass hours doing doodles for a pose you can’t get, you don’t have to pretend that you know how to reflect all kind of textures with a brush or a pencil. You don’t need to know how to draw EVERYTHING to be able to illustrate. You can photograph and draw over it, or use it as a texture, even as a base. That is not “cheating,” not everybody can do that and get a good result.

There’s an artist who I admire a lot and I wanted to share his work since he shows different ways to get a digital illustration. Yes, he knows how to draw, but he uses different techniques to get to one result. He creates a composition, his own palette, he searches materials that he can use, etc.

His name “RossDraws” and he has an amazing YouTube channel, besides other social networks. For me, he is a huge source of inspiration, because of his works as well as his sympathy that shows all the time, he leaves you speechless watching video after video, and you can learn so much from him.

I hope you can get as inspire as me when you get to see him and you can dare to try other ways of illustration!



Why don’t we start to see the good about our insecurities instead of ignoring them with our virtues? This is a very common mistake, whether we accepted or not; we want to accept ourselves the way we are, but accepting something is not to ignore it, it means to love it.



#BEYOURSELF is a personal project that has as a goal to reach as many people as possible and try to create conscience that our defects are beautiful. The importance of this initiative is the message, it is a call out to people who let themselves being dragged by fashion and for what’s sold as beautiful. We should live the way we want and the way we feel comfortable, and accept that everybody should to the same.


Utopia? Yes, but once upon a time a very dear person of mine told me that if the goal we want to reach is higher, we can go even beyond. If that person is reading this, I hope s/he feels flattered.

Luckily, in these last years, there are a lot of people who worry to make us see that natural is pretty and that we have to love ourselves, but the reason that causes this situation of repulse against ourselves keeps being as strong as before: fake stereotypes, popular media, our environment ideology, bullying… and unfortunately it is something more difficult to change. Because, at the end, the only change we are capable to do is our own change.

Through #BEYOURSELF I intend to make the insecurities be seen as funny and positive, as something good and unique. I want to show that is only one more characteristic of ourselves, and of course without denigrate others. Personally, I think it is wrong to defend curvy women (the trending topic) and leaving the ones that are thin as something antinatural and repulsive. Ok, it is not right to starve yourself and having a bad living to be as thin as a bone, but, is it possible that thin women deserve to be called “fake women”? We are as we are, and I believe there’s a lot that we need to learn before we can learn how to love ourselves the way we are without hurting others… because that’s what bullies do at school to make themselves feel better, they make others feel inferior. I think that’s childish.

It is because of this reason that I made a series of illustrations, to contribute to this cause through what I do best. I hope many of you feel identified with this and you’re free to share the images, do not modify them please, and I’ll appreciate that whoever shares this use the hashtag #BEYOURSELF

Thanks for you reading and sharing!