I apologize for the spam in the email and Happy New Year!


First of all I wanted to apologize for the avalanche of entries that you have received in your emails in the wee hours of the morning, but it won’t happen again. As some of you know, my web began in Spanish and I made an effort to translate it in English as well not long ago: the entries you received are translations of the old existing entries, so I can that my web is definitely bilingual, yeah!


On the other hand I wanted to tell you, Happy New Year 2017!

Times are hard for some and maybe not so much for others, but don’t be discouraged. This is life. We wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beautiful and happy moments if not for the bad ones. I would like to leave some advices not for the year 2017, but for all the upcoming years. Not because it’s what we have to say today, but because I really believe it’s the lifestyle that makes you happy:

1. – Be positive.
It’s not easy and of course we cannot be positive all the time, but it helps a lot to be a positive person in general and to focus on the good things.

2. – Make an effort on everything you do.
Efforts have results sooner or later, so do it no matter how long it takes without reward. It will arrive if you don’t give up.

3. – Follow your dreams.
Far as you may see them, however difficult they are. If these are your dreams, you’ll enjoy every step of the way.

4. – Be tolerant.
You’ll save yourself of many absurd arguments, make others feel better and you’ll feel better with yourself. Open your mind and respect other living beings.

5. – Don’t accept the “ordinary” of your life.
Don’t be like your parents, cousins, comrades or what you see makes society normal. Be yourself and follow what you like and feel.

Thank you for reading and see you next year! 🙂