Illustrating with no limits

What do you think when someone says “Illustration”?

In an incorrect way, too many people link it immediately with drawing. Illustration is drawing, but it is also photography, collages, colors, materials, sensations, and messages. Of course, knowing how to draw is an advantage at the moment when you illustrate, you handle one of the possible ways to illustrate, but it’s not everything.

Nowadays, we normally can find thousands, and thousands of videos on the net from illustrators called “Speed Painting.” It is the most common since they show the process of a drawing that took hours in a couple of minutes; although you can also find others done in real time. The point is that I have found very few that can show more than drawing and I think that helps to the general confusion.

We are not limited to illustrate, you don’t have to pass hours doing doodles for a pose you can’t get, you don’t have to pretend that you know how to reflect all kind of textures with a brush or a pencil. You don’t need to know how to draw EVERYTHING to be able to illustrate. You can photograph and draw over it, or use it as a texture, even as a base. That is not “cheating,” not everybody can do that and get a good result.

There’s an artist who I admire a lot and I wanted to share his work since he shows different ways to get a digital illustration. Yes, he knows how to draw, but he uses different techniques to get to one result. He creates a composition, his own palette, he searches materials that he can use, etc.

His name “RossDraws” and he has an amazing YouTube channel, besides other social networks. For me, he is a huge source of inspiration, because of his works as well as his sympathy that shows all the time, he leaves you speechless watching video after video, and you can learn so much from him.

I hope you can get as inspire as me when you get to see him and you can dare to try other ways of illustration!


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