Love is never antinatural


Maybe I should stop being so critical in things I cannot fix, but I think anyone who draws, writes, makes music, or practice any kind of arts, understand that all of that is born out of feelings. I express them in the best way for me: drawing, what I like, what I want/support.

Today I share a simple drawing, it was born from my feelings and my fanaticism for two fictional characters. I was not worried about planning a spectacular composition, not even about the image having a complex meaning to understand, I just wanted to draw two people who look at each other with with love, tenderness and complicity. Two girls, they could be two boys as well, or a boy and a girl.

It is a tribute to all that people who love other people, but it is especially dedicated that people that we can call in so many ways, but we summarize it as “homophobic.” It is not dedicated to only those homophobic who can get to kill and support homicide against people with different preferences, but also to those homophobic in disguise. Those who pretend to be nice, respectful, cool, modern and pacifist. Yes, to all of them who start with the contradictory “I respect them” and it is followed by BUT, but I don’t think they should adopt, but I think they should not show their pride in public, but those are not things kids should see, but it is not normal, but kids can be traumatized if they don’t have a father-mother… that kind of people who claims to respect what they actually don’t. Do not deceive yourself, do not try to deceive other. That people are as homophobic as those who expresses their hate clear and loud. That rejection causes as much damage as the one given by the extremist. Those are ways of thinking, and the way you think it can encourage rejection and aggressions.

Homophobia is an involution, homosexuality has always existed.

I could say that many people think like that because of ignorance, but I know people that love to grasp to that ignorance. Many people do not care, knowing that we are animals, that animals are the most natural species, and that there are species that practice the homosexuality. They don’t care that in the history of humanity, the homosexuality was accepted with no problems, in civilization and in past times. They don’t care about people trying to open their eyes so they can see that what the others make them believe since they were little it’s not the absolute truth. Since there are many primitive behaviors, too much extreme fanaticism and too many lies.

Once, I did agree with everything it was imposed to me, to be another sheep, which is the most comfortable.

Today, I prefer to belong to the black sheep and love whatever I want, without taking care about what others think.


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