Black Friday 2017!

Ready for the Black Friday? 😀 Do you have your Christmas gifts?

Take this opportunity!!
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The payment should be done before this Friday at 23:59 (Spain)

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Smile while everyone smiles.
Smile while you’re being drowned.
Smile while you’re being hurt.
Smile while you’re suffering.
Smile because if you don’t, you’ll be alone.

Smile if you wanna talk because people don’t need your tears. They don’t care about your pain, your scars or your life. They just need your smile.
You need help, maybe they know it, but they can only tell you: smile.

Smile even if you’re not happy, even if your soul is dying.
And then you’ll die.


Because the pyschological damage is a problem too.
Color inspiration: Kuvshinov Ilya

Valentines Gift

Hi, everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying your Valentines wallpaper, which I sent yesterday. I wanna know if you liked it and what would you like to receive in the future: wallpapers, posters for print, mobile wallpapers… You can tell me your favourite fandom, even!

I have realized that some of you are subscribed through “wordpress” and you don’t receive my gifts 🙁 My mailing doesn’t know your email, that’s the reason haha. So please, if this is your case, contact me and tell me your mail, I’ll add you.

If you aren’t my subscriber and you’re reading this, you know what you have to do now! XD

Next point!

I’ve opened a Ko-fi! What is this? It’s a coffe-donation page (soda for me XD). Basically, a crowdfunding. Honestly… I’m doing my best but I need some money now and I’ll be really grateful if you help me. I don’t know if you would be interested in patreon, so… Anyway, thanks a lot!

Ko-fi link:


Kisses and thanks for reading me! I hope your feedback!

Valentines Day gift || Wallpaper

I did a Fantastic Beasts gift for Christmas (and I hope you’re enjoying it ^^). This time I wanna choose another fandom. What couple do you like for this Valentines Day?

a – Noctis & Lunafreya (FFXV)
b – Belle & Beast
c – Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask
d – My original characters

Another option I was thinking is Chloe & Max (Life is Strange), but I forget it on the twitter poll LOL (my bad T_T). Write here which do you prefer ♥

You can vote on twitter too:

I appreciate your participation, these gifts are for you, my subscribers :3 ♥ Thank you

Instagram raffle winner

This is the portrait from the first raffle I did, for the Instagram winner, it was done to celebrate the 100 followers. Thank you once again to all of you who were interested in participating and I wish you good luck for the next time…. Because there will be a next time, I just don’t know when, but there will be one 😉

The process through a gif

Lately I haven’t been able to draw since I hurt myself (those daily life issues) and I still can’t doodle speedpaintings, so I got this idea to show some gifs of the process of some of my previous works. It’s not a very specific substitute, but it will help you to see the steps that were taken for the final result and it can be educational and interesting.

Today, I would like to show you the process of the last request I finished. If you like it, let me know and I will keep uploading more!


Since the end of this summer I have started out the habit of not doing the portraits exactly like the pictures, I end up modifying the look, adding some little details that were not on the original pic, etc. It’s funny because in the past I was obsessed with copying the reality just the way I used to look at it.

Now, I wonder, why should I draw what you get through a picture? (if it’s not for the usage of some studies)

Which is my style? Semi-realistic? I actually don’t know and I don’t worry about it. However, in order to enjoy drawing the best thing you can do, it is to do it in the way you love the most, without trying to get a label on yourself. Since the moment I started drawing the reality in the way I see it, I feel so much better than when I used to imitate it!

And that will be it for today’s reflection!

Coming soon, I will upload the portrait of the Instagram raffle winner and some other stuff.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Win a portrait for free!

I have reached 100 followers on Instagram and I was thinking about making a small raffle to than you. To participate you just need to follow me on Instagram, like the post and comment tagging one of your friends! I will say the name of the winner on Tuesday next week (27 September). 🙂

Western Manga Style

Manga style is fairly well-known, I think I can say there are no people who read this and don’t know about Dragon Ball, Doraemon, or the one that is so popular nowadays, Pokemon…

It’s a style pretty well-known, but I think it’s also undervalued, at least in the Western. Personally, I don’t understand why a person who draws in a realistic or semi-realistic style is “more talented” than someone who draws manga style. Maybe, there are people who actually appreciate this artistic style, but I’m aiming here for a professional environment. I believe that people who draw manga have more hardships trying to get hire or having someone who likes their job, unless the company is looking for someone with that style.

It may be a simple or complex style, and there are artist that are truly talented, and they create works that take your breath away for the amount of details they have.

There’s one particular artist, Shilin, who creates amazing works. Shilin’s style has a very personal touch and it has evolved from the manga.

I totally admire the amount of details Shilin’s works have and the quality; this artist is very careful with the color palette, the composition, the different textures, the perspective, etc…

There are some people that feel less and quit drawing even if they like it just because they draw manga style. I do believe that any kind of style can become totally good and you don’t have to worry about “belonging to a style,” but to draw in the way your feel more comfortable with and with the one you can improve into something more personal, which is what happened to Shilin and many others 🙂


Own Domain

Today’s entry will be much more shorter in regards to the ones from previous weeks, but I’m happy to announce about the change of the site domain’s. We have move PatPaigeDesign to a new server with its own domain:

At the moment there are some improvements that need to be done for the mobile versions and also stuff like the entries’ wideness, but we hope to have even more sooner.:)

Illustrating with no limits

What do you think when someone says “Illustration”?

In an incorrect way, too many people link it immediately with drawing. Illustration is drawing, but it is also photography, collages, colors, materials, sensations, and messages. Of course, knowing how to draw is an advantage at the moment when you illustrate, you handle one of the possible ways to illustrate, but it’s not everything.

Nowadays, we normally can find thousands, and thousands of videos on the net from illustrators called “Speed Painting.” It is the most common since they show the process of a drawing that took hours in a couple of minutes; although you can also find others done in real time. The point is that I have found very few that can show more than drawing and I think that helps to the general confusion.

We are not limited to illustrate, you don’t have to pass hours doing doodles for a pose you can’t get, you don’t have to pretend that you know how to reflect all kind of textures with a brush or a pencil. You don’t need to know how to draw EVERYTHING to be able to illustrate. You can photograph and draw over it, or use it as a texture, even as a base. That is not “cheating,” not everybody can do that and get a good result.

There’s an artist who I admire a lot and I wanted to share his work since he shows different ways to get a digital illustration. Yes, he knows how to draw, but he uses different techniques to get to one result. He creates a composition, his own palette, he searches materials that he can use, etc.

His name “RossDraws” and he has an amazing YouTube channel, besides other social networks. For me, he is a huge source of inspiration, because of his works as well as his sympathy that shows all the time, he leaves you speechless watching video after video, and you can learn so much from him.

I hope you can get as inspire as me when you get to see him and you can dare to try other ways of illustration!