Terms of Service

The following are my official terms and conditions that clients must agree upon before I
start working on a project; by submitting an order with PatPaige the Client accepts them as
binding. This agreement takes precedent over any conflicting agreement in any other terms and
conditions referring to the same work.


❖ 1. The copyright in artwork commissioned by the Client shall be retained by the Illustrator.
❖ 2. The Client is granted a licence to reproduce the artwork only for personal use.
❖ 3. The licence is personal to the Client and the rights may not be assigned or sub-licensed to
third parties without the Illustrator’s consent.
❖ 4. The Illustrator is allowed to use any image she has created for self-promotion.
❖ 5. The original artwork shall not be intentionally traced, destroyed, damaged, altered,
retouched, modified or changed in any way whatsoever without the written consent of the
❖ 6. The Client shall ensure the Illustrator is credited in any media and PatPaige’s logotype
can’t be removed from the artwork.


❖ 7. The Client shall pay the commission before the Illustrator begins to work.
❖ 8. Paypal is the only form of payment available. Only Euros(€) are accepted.
❖ 9. The changes after the sketch fase has to be pay.
❖ 10. The Client shall print the artwork.


❖ 11. The Illustrator shall use her best endeavours to deliver the artwork to the Client by the
agreed date and shall notify the Client of any anticipated delay at the first opportunity.
❖ 12. The Client shall make an immediate objection upon delivery if the artwork is not in
accordance with the brief. If such objection is not received by the Illustrator in the sketching
stange it shall be conclusively presumed that the artwork is acceptable.